The last year has not just affected our businesses but our lives as well, I look at the world sometimes and just think, how did we get into this dreadful situation, could we have done things differently and seen a different outcome!  Nevertheless, we are where we are and during this time, I am sure like me you have learnt many lessons during this year, and to name just one, resilience comes top of my list; learning to cope and believing in our ability to get through the Pandemic. Keeping positive has been key!

THE CLOCKWORK TEAM have remained in high spirits even though they may not have always felt it, we have stayed focussed and ensured that we worked vigorously on those live vacancies that we were still lucky enough to have on our books, do not get me wrong jobs have not been flying through the door and certainly were not at the level of years gone by, but our clients have been very loyal to us and for that I am extremely grateful, as I honestly feel we needed to come together as a whole community to keep people working. It has been and will probably continue to be very tough for the recruitment industry as well as many others at the start of 2021.


I am always inspired by the entrepreneurs that set up new businesses during a recession, or in this case a pandemic.  There have been a few new start-up businesses in Woking, which has been great to see, and have hopefully increased opportunities to employ more people.  Many companies diversified their business in line with the pandemic such as Gin suppliers manufacturing hand sanitizers, McLaren manufacturing ventilator components and other businesses putting new product lines in place to ensure they survive, as well as helping others during the toughest of times.  Keeping themselves busy during this time are the trades people; plumbers, electricians, and builder’s as well as healthcare providers and online entertainment companies who continue to perform well and continue to recruit.


It is fair to say that certain industries are struggling, and many people have lost their jobs, travel, retail and hospitality have been hit extremely hard, however I am pleased to say that the candidates who registered with us from such sectors, have managed to secure work as we worked with them to highlight their transferable skills. We have, as yet not seen the number of people registering for work that we did in the last recession which I am hoping is positive news that will continue into next year.


Having started Clockwork Recruitment during a recession and grown significantly, I am hoping that through 2021 we can engage with new clients, whilst maintaining our current ones, in addition to finding our excellent candidate base the job roles they are seeking.  It is not going to be easy, as there is no real clarity on how the pandemic will continue to affect the working community. Many businesses will continue to struggle with the potential for more redundancies as companies find they cannot continue in the same manor during this climate.  However, with grit and determination I am sure we can all get back to where we want to be and grow from these difficult circumstances.

I am very lucky to have a great team around me at Clockwork that have been extremely flexible during the year, these are the people that have kept me motivated to succeed! When we are given permission, I am sure we will be having one big party to celebrate our achievements for 2020! It may be difficult to think about achievements for this year, but just getting through it both mentally and physically are great achievements in themselves.  No matter how small they may seem, it is so important more than ever to enjoy those positive moments and take something from them.

I look at what could have been and feel proud to still be in business at this stage, and have companies working with us going into 2021, it could have looked very different, as it has for so many.

Let us kick 2020 into shape and take our learnings from it, continue to overcome the obstacles/challenges that I am sure the early part of 2021 will throw in our path.

Its important for any business to have a plan in place that can be fluid, my original business plan for 2020 didn’t end as it was supposed to when it was written at the beginning of the year, it has been of major importance, with so many changes to have kept it fluid, and to try where possible to be flexible and adapt, sometimes at extremely short notice.

I would like to thank those clients that have worked with us during 2020, it was incredibly important that we worked together, ensuring so many local people gained employment during such uncertain times, and for those candidates that have registered with us and understood the wider picture, whilst we searched for appropriate long-term roles – Thank You!

I truly hope to be writing a more positive reflection at the end of 2021, and wish you all a wonderful festive season, and look forward to working with you all next year.

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