The Importance Of Online Testing & Training Platforms

17th August 2022
The Importance of Online Training Platforms

Although some employers choose to select candidates based on a face-to-face interview many have a process in place consisting of various stages. Some for example use online testing in the initial stages, and early interviews are often conducted by telephone or video link. The final stages can involve an assessment centre that may include written tests, interviews, and group activities or presentations.


Using a professional and tested online assessment tool is a far quicker and convenient way to improve your recruitment process.  It can make your recruitment process far more efficient using tried and tested solutions that can be sent out at the touch of a button for a variety of roles within a company.

Finding excellent talent requires a significant amount of time and resources.  By using the right online assessment tools for your recruitment your process becomes far more consistent and time saving for both the employer and the candidate.  By receiving a simple link to carry out the task the candidate can complete the assessments in the comfort of their own home and the results are gained immediately the tests are completed.

The future of pre-employment testing has evolved more recently, as companies and hiring managers are moving towards online assessment tools for recruitment. This shift has only been accelerated by the Covid-19 outbreak which forced a reassessment of how business work.

Many companies are still fully committed to remote working in a post-pandemic world, which reinforces the need for new recruitment methods that embrace a new way of working.  So, whether your company is back in the office or fully remote, it is good to consider online testing and training platforms as an additional tool for recruitment. Ultimately, they are an efficient and effective way to reduce a wider pool of candidates down to a select few, ensuring that you make the right hiring decision without having to see every applicant.


Impartial: Predesigned online recruitment testing assessment tools are free from human judgements. By removing any potential biases, you can increase diversity in selection and ensure that you objectively get the very best candidate for the role.

Set Up & Ready to Go:  By fully understanding the requirements for any role within your organisation you can create specific testing material that is relevant to each role and the skill level and experience you are seeking in a potential candidate.  It is a fast solution to screen candidates irrespective of how many applications you receive. It is basically a speedy filter to ensure when it comes to the interview phase you are inviting the strongest candidates.

Essential Time Saver: Ensuring you are maximising your profits is always essential to maintaining a strong business plan, and time is money.  By using a reliable system for testing new or current staff you will speed up your decision-making process.

Candidate Engagement:  Nobody particularly likes being asked to do a test, but if you provide a positive experience for a candidate or employee, then this can go a long way.  Ensuring the process itself is easy to follow and convenient for the person to take part in can relax the candidate and ultimately provide the results you are both hoping for.



It is essential to invest in online training as it gives you the opportunity to build training courses that are detailed for specific roles.  It also gives you the opportunity and flexibility to specially tailor every employee's professional development. If you show your staff that you are willing to invest in online training, it ultimately shows you want to invest in them, and this can only be a positive thing.



It can be very hard to organise face to face courses for a wider group of people and ensure that the content of the course is relevant for all the attendees.  Having too many staff out of the building at once can also create an issue due to the need to cover phones, projects and the general day to day running of the business. Overall, it is far more convenient and beneficial to your company to invest in quality online courses.

Cost effectiveness

Often face to face courses are more expensive as you usually pay for a venue, provide food and drink and sometimes overnight accommodation. With online training, your employees can access their courses anywhere, bringing convenience and saving you money. Also, if you take time to consider the content of the training course, you may only need to make minor tweaks over a long period of time which will save on the overall costs in terms of producing the course material.


Having the course material ready and available, as well as being tried and tested, you will ensure the accuracy of the information is up to date. You can revise online courses, should you need to at any point, which is not so easy should you have printed material.

Progress At Your Pace

If your training courses are online, you can provide more freedom to the participant by giving them a deadline in which to complete the training.  Providing the freedom to be self-paced should enable your staff to make the most of the training and give them the ability to work round their day-to-day work tasks.


There will be different needs for different employees.  By investing in online training, you have the option to be far more flexible with the content and tailor the training to either individual or group needs.


Regardless of how many employees you wish to take part in online training, you will be set up in such a way that there will be consistency from one role to another.  This will really help you in succession planning, as well as gain an insight into how different people approach different tasks, and where there maybe gaps within the training material.

Online training will also be set up in the same way for all employees, so you know all your employees will come away with exactly the same quality of knowledge and consistency of information.

Lower Staff Turnover

By providing online training for your current employees, you can reduce your staff turnover.  If you provide training at specific times during an employee’s job cycle, you can easily highlight those that are potentially ready for promotion and those that need longer in their roles to develop essential skills.  The long-term goal is to develop your employees’ skills to enable them to be the best at what they do. You can monitor staffing training needs as well as getting a feel for when they are ready for additional renumeration such as pay/benefits or promotion, this should in turn reduce the risk of people leaving the company, by ensuring they have job satisfaction and recognition.


If you have the best learning and development strategy in place you will not only retain your staff, but you will also develop them.  These platforms are constantly evolving too and ensure you are up to date with the latest technology, as well as ensuring the structure and content provide engaging material, as well as a platform that is convenient to use and obtains the results you are seeking.

So, you need to ensure that you don’t let your business or employees fall short due to underdeveloped training and testing platforms. Online training and testing are one way to ensure your training and skills assessments are rewarding and effective experiences.

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