Benefits Of Recruitment Agencys

2nd June 2021
Benefits of Recruitment Agencies


Often a Recruitment Agency isn’t first on a companies or candidates list for recruitment purposes, but by building a rapport with a reputable Agency over time and understanding the value of using them to seek the best talent for your company or for finding that ideal role can prove extremely positive and here’s why it is something you really need to consider.

The recruitment agency industry is continuously expanding, with a noticeable shift towards many businesses creating a ‘partner’ relationship between employer and agency. Statistically you are more likely to have access to the best jobseekers on the market (both active and passive) by using a recruitment agency. Professionals that are currently on the hunt for new career opportunities are more likely to register with a recruitment agency, than apply directly.

A major part of a Recruitment Agencies role is to seek and maintain excellent companies to work alongside and gain a long-term working relationship with them.  This often means making initial contact calls to introduce their services to companies and share the benefits of working with them.

It can be very disheartening when contacting companies to see if you can work with them to assist with their recruitment programmes, often receiving very negative and somewhat defensive responses, as it is often seen as an interruption to their working day.  Frequently, this mindset usually comes from contacts who don’t truly understand the advantages of working with a Recruitment Agency and the extensive benefits it can bring to their organisation.  So, in this month’s blog we wanted to expel the myth around Recruitment Agencies and why investing in their services really is worth considering.

Agencies spend many hours seeking and talking to potential employees and matching them to roles within companies they work with, alongside building a strong rapport with those candidates at the start of the process, throughout, and when they gain new employment – basically bridging the gap between potential employee and employer.  Investing in both clients and candidates is the absolute key to the success of a reputable Recruitment Agency, and a successful agency will most certainly invest a lot of their time in building these strong relationships and encouraging people to pick up the phone and contact them.



Established agencies have spent years building an excellent reputation both within the local community and often throughout the nation (e.g., National Campaigns), which in turn makes them the first port of call for both clients and candidates.  This results in an organised data base full of reliable, enthusiastic, and engaged candidates searching for new job opportunities.  A good agency will maintain constant communication with these candidates, adding any additional skills or working knowledge they may gain over time.  The benefit to clients is an immediate, wider talent pool of potential employees that can be interviewed quickly having already been vetted by the agency themselves.

Recruitment Agencies work with both employers who are seeking talent as well as professionals who are searching for career opportunities.  Therefore, they are ideally placed to act as an intermediary between both parties.  With an initial in-depth brief given to the agency via the client they will extensively filter through applications and seek to match them based on their understanding of the job requirements, company values as well as location and key criteria.  Established consultants possess the ability to know what type of candidate clients are looking for, their capabilities and their overall expectations, including Salary and long-term prospects.

Once you have selected a reputable Recruitment Agency, they will fully establish the requirements for the role and the candidate criteria and begin the process of recruiting suitable candidates on your behalf for interview stages.  They will utilise job boards and current marketing tools as well as their extensive database.  Other channels, including word of mouth and networking with a wider audience add to their capability to search for the 'ideal candidate' - sometimes sourcing the ideal person for the position from those who are not actively looking for a new job but may well be open to change if the right opportunity presents itself.

With recruitment covering most business sectors Recruitment Consultants gain a greater knowledge of organisational charts and the types of roles within them.  Therefore, they have more intel on the content of a role and what is expected of a candidate on a day-to-day basis allowing them to discuss jobs in a more in depth and realistic manner, ensuring candidates fully understand what is expected of them.  This can safeguard the quality of the candidate going through to interview stage as well as retention of new starters, as there should be no surprises once employment commences.


Whilst many companies have an HR Department, this is not always the case.  If there is a high demand to employ more people and the company does not have the capacity to fulfil all the recruitment in terms of deadlines it is a good idea to outsource this process, and Recruitment Agencies are best placed to take on this responsibility. Therefore, it is such a great benefit if you have built up a relationship with your local agency, prior to any staffing emergencies, although a professional agency will know exactly what is expected of them if you are a new client also.

Even though Recruitment Agencies charge for their services, the majority only charge should they find you the ideal candidate.  So, in some ways you really have nothing to lose, because you can focus on other business commitments whilst they take care of your recruitment as well as continuing to use your own recruitment methods alongside as a comparison.  All Terms & Conditions should always be agreed up front prior to any campaigns starting.

Recruitment Agencies also provide Temporary Staff and can fill urgent staffing gaps or increase your head count for major projects and essential deadlines.  Temporary contracts can be as short or as long as required.





  • HR support from the Recruitment Agency
  • Building rapport with the overall company and therefore all recruiting departments within your organisation e.g., Sales Department / Marketing Department etc
  • Recruitment Agencies can resolve issues e.g., salary negotiations/references etc.
  • Agencies can manage National Campaigns as well as local campaigns.
  • Filtering of applications and initial interview stages
  • Agencies can do initial testing of candidates on your behalf.


  • Potential reduction for organisations in terms of training/development as an agency can seek to provide a candidate who has the skills ready to do the job.
  • Agencies can provide Temporary candidates who do not require a fixed annual salary and therefore some of the costs associated with a permanent employee.
  • Reducing internal staff time and allowing them to focus on projects that apply to growth of the overall company.
  • Agencies pay to advertise your roles on your behalf via job boards.
  • Reduces the likelihood and cost of hiring a candidate that is a ‘bad fit’ for the role.
  • Many agencies offer a rebate should the candidate not work within a specific timeline.


  • You can increase or decrease staffing levels dependant on demand.
  • Contractor hiring process significantly faster than permanent hiring.
  • Easy to terminate or extend temp worker’s services.


  • By building a relationship with an agency they will know which candidates are a best fit
  • By introducing Temporary or Contract staff, you can try before you buy in that if the overall performance is not satisfactory you can take remedial action quickly.
  • You can evaluate a temp worker’s performance and team/cultural fit with very little risk.
  • You have an opportunity to evaluate the Temporary Worker against a permanent role if applicable.

The simple answer as to why employers use a recruitment agency is – hiring through a recruitment agency to identify and entice talent, and then negotiate terms, can reduce a huge amount of time and cost to an organisation, and due to the resources, an agency has available, it produces extremely effective results.


Whether you are searching for your first job or seeking a change in your career, it is important to talk to the right people who can guide you through your job search.  One of the best places to start is with a Recruitment Agency as they will have knowledge and expertise in the current job market.


A Recruitment Agency will seek to source a variety of job roles with reputable companies and then match ideal candidates to those vacancies.  The consultants will work to source new and exciting opportunities and present them to potential candidates via a variety of platforms, including their website, social media, and job boards – essentially, they look to help you streamline the whole job seeking process.


Initially the best way to source an ideal agency for you, is to visit a variety online, review their website and see what kind of roles they have on offer and then either register online or contact them via email or the telephone.  Most agencies will have their own registration process which they will guide you through.  As always recommendation is a great way to find professional and well recognised agencies so ask around and get some feedback from family and friends.

Your recruitment consultant will act as the middleman between you and the employing company, sending in your CV and putting you forward for an interview, you should always be aware if an agency has sent your CV to a client and that your permission has been gained.  They can also provide you with key information on how to produce the best CV, interview hints and tips and so much more.

A good agency will work with you right up to the interview itself and give you the confidence to do your best. They will also gain your feedback and discuss your capabilities further with the client post interview.


Firstly, they’ll often have built up good relationships with a lot of top employers, giving you exclusive access to their jobs. You’ll also get put forward for positions that you wouldn’t otherwise have heard about.

You may be able to understand what the job advert is asking from you, but a recruiter can help you ‘read between the lines’ and help figure out if a particular vacancy is actually what you want from your next role.

Other benefits of using a recruitment agency include:

  • CV and cover letter advice
  • Expert interview coaching
  • Constructive feedback from each interview and employer
  • Specialist advice for your chosen field
  • Being put forward for any relevant roles that come up.


You should NEVER be charged to use a recruitment agency.

Consultants are paid by the employers, and receive their fee based on whether you’ve successfully started in a role. There should be no payment directly from the individual.


Once you’ve secured the job, the role of your agency doesn’t stop there.

They’ll handle all of the paperwork and other formalities and liaise with your new employer to make sure everything is in place for your first day and beyond.  They can even negotiate your salary for you and make sure you get the best package out there.

Essentially, it’s in their best interest to make sure they find a role that’s right for you – and make it as easy as possible for you to apply and get started.

Job hunting can be a stressful process, but it becomes so much less so when you’re with a recruitment agency.



First and foremost, we are a well-established Recruitment Agency with an excellent reputation.  We work on Local and National job roles so have a large variety of roles on our database.


We ensure that all our clients have been met and that we have a full understanding of their company, work ethics and core values.  All our candidates who register with us will be met face to face via Video meeting or in person in the office, and we will seek to draw out all the key information about them and their work experience to ensure we can source the ideal company and job role for them personally.  We will NEVER send a candidate for a position without their permission.

Alongside our current vacancies we also offer candidates a wide range of resources to assist with their job search, some of which can be found via our website, or we send relevant information to candidates during their recruitment journey.  We also provide additional client services including HR advice, Payroll Services, Career Fairs and much more (all of which can be found via our website).


The team at Clockwork Recruitment are consistently educated on the current job market, processes, and regulations for staffing recruitment in the UK, and have very high standards and processes to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of all our contacts.

Finding the ideal candidate for your job roles can be a lengthy process, Clockwork Recruitment have a policy to maintain healthy relationships with all their clients ensuring they are fully prepared for any potential job opportunities that may arise and are ready to act and find the ideal candidate in the shortest time scale.



Our aim is to do our best by both our clients and candidates, and we look to communicate on a regular basis.  Everyone’s reputation is important to us as we each see ourselves representing Clockwork Recruitment, the Client, and the Candidate.

We always do our best!  As much as we would like to fill all our client vacancies and place all our candidates this is not always possible, but you can be assured we will give 100% every time.

Fundamentally we have a passion for connecting people and will always be professional about our approach.  Remember you can always just pick up the phone to talk to us and ascertain if we are the right agency for you.   

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