Filling Employment Gaps

26th October 2020
Filling Employment Gaps


Temporary staff have always been an ideal solution to cover periods of increased workloads, perhaps following a new product launch, seasonal marketing campaigns or purely to cover staffing holidays or sickness. Using temporary staff at these times not only helps to relieve stress among permanent staff members, but also allows your business to continue as usual and cover those times when deadlines are looming and extra help is vital to complete the tasks in hand.

Short and long-term Temporary candidates to fill workplace gaps and immediate projects are becoming increasingly important to businesses as they try to recover from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the latest survey by the REC (Recruitment and Employment Confederation).

In these uncertain times in the workplace, temporary workers may not have been something you may have considered, but it can be a real asset to both employers and workers – allowing firms to create provisional jobs when the future outlook is unclear for new permanent employees.


Temporary candidates are often available immediately with the experience you are seeking, plus on a wider scale for the economy, employing people during tough times goes towards helping  the whole community get back to work as a whole – which has to be good for everyone.

Recent figures, released by digital staffing platform Coople, reveal that a fifth (20%) of employer’s plan to implement a headcount freeze over the next 12 months, while almost a fifth (19%) said they plan to reduce hours*.

Despite companies now starting to recognise that they will have to rely on agency workers in the coming months, almost half (50%) of management heads and HR leaders who currently hire them do not understand the rights and benefits flexible workers are entitled to.  However, this is where Clockwork Recruitment are well placed to assist companies understand all the AWR (Agency Worker Regulations) as well as managing these on their behalf.



COST AFFECTIVE – Temporary candidates are usually charged at an hourly rate so you can employ them for as long or as little as is necessary to complete projects/tasks.

FLEXIBILITY – You can hire Temporary candidates at short notice.

ADDITIONAL EXPERIENCE – You can bring in the necessary knowledge and experience which maybe lacking within your company at this time.

PRESCREENED – We at Clockwork Recruitment always pre-screen our candidates and gain at least two references prior to them working on your behalf.

REMOTE WORKING – With the assistance of Clockwork Recruitment we can help you connect with a Temporary candidate who can potentially work remotely if required during this current pandemic.

CANDIDATE DATABASE – We work hard to gain quality candidates with a variety of experience and skills so they can “hit the ground running”.

HEALTH & SAFETY - Every company must provide a safe work environment for all workers; we work very closely with both candidates and clients to ensure everyone is happy with their working conditions.






So, you may have recognised you need additional help in the workplace, but how do you decide where & when you need it most?

There are many types of workforce gaps and they may vary depending on your business and industry, but here are some to consider when thinking about employing additional staff.


Skills gaps within a team or company are usually spotted when a business or team fails to meet their goals, or a big upcoming project requires certain skills that are not evident within a current team or employee. Skills gaps can also arise from a shift in strategy or taking on new clients.

What skills do you have vs which skills do you need?


During 2020 we have seen significant changes in the workforce landscape for most businesses. Including significant new health and safety measures, expansion of home working, and sadly many redundancies. This huge shift has had a real impact on carrying out effective ‘Workforce Planning’. It has been, and still is, a major challenge for most companies in these uncertain times.

Consider your long-term Workforce Landscape and plan ahead


Temps can usually start working within a few days, avoiding long notice periods or interview processes.  If you build a great relationship with your local recruitment company then they will have key knowledge of your business and the types of candidates that will fit well into your working environment, at a pace that suits your business needs.


It is called Temporary for a reason and hiring a temp while recruiting for a full-time employee will reduce the pressure to hire quickly and minimise the strain on the rest of the team.  Plus, as, and when you employ a new recruit their initial workload will    be reduced lowering their initial stress levels to get everything up to date.



Remember it is about finding someone who can contribute positively to your company. You should have a clear Idea of what skills your ideal Temporary candidate must have and what needs to be accomplished within the timeframe given.

Also, it is important that the Temporary candidate understands what your expectations of them are. They need to clearly know what the job involves and how much time they have; vague descriptions could be counterproductive and can lead to low productivity.

While hiring Temporary staff you usually spend less time and resource on additional onboarding and training vs when hiring a permanent employee. Finding the right talent depends on identifying individuals that have specific skills that enables them to quickly transition into their new roles and provide immediate assistance with little or no training. You need to be sure they have the skills and expertise that the job requires and the ability to quickly fit in and be productive in the team.

Keeping their short-term affiliation aside, they should be treated with the same degree of welcome and acceptance as any other employee joining the team. Introduce them to their colleagues, show them around and make them feel welcome.


Being a well-established and trusted recruitment agency, Clockwork Recruitment have a vast database of candidates available, together with an aim to always seek to attract top quality candidates via many platforms. We are structured in such a way that we are constantly looking to match skilled people with clients and keep up to date with new candidates on the market as well as updated skill sets and work experience. Ensuring we never knowingly miss the opportunity to engage and register the best people available.

Within this current market we have gained an even wider variety of candidates, due to redundancies and company restructures, so please do speak to one of our team to see if we can fulfil any of your Contract or Temporary requirements.

There are many reasons to select Clockwork Recruitment as your chosen recruitment agency – we always aim to go above and beyond!



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