Unlocking Student's Potential And How Companies Can Help

12th February 2024


Unlocking Potential: Why Work Experience and Apprenticeships are Vital for Students


At the age of 16, I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. I wasn't academically inclined and didn't want to stay in school, I didn’t really get to discuss my thoughts and feelings with anyone about my career aspirations and had no real concept of what might be suitable for me.  It wasn't until sometime later that I gained a better understanding of the world of work and decided I wanted to pursue a career in recruitment. 

Unfortunately, it doesn’t feel as if much has changed since then.  I've interviewed many students and have seen firsthand how much work needs to be done in schools. Many students are unaware of the career paths available to them and are unsure about which route to take after leaving school.  Comparisons with those that have higher grades or seem to have it all worked out are enhanced through social media, and many lose confidence in their own capabilities. 

That's why I'm passionate about becoming a volunteer as an Enterprise Advisor with the Enterprise M3 Careers Hub. My role is to connect students with the world of work by working with businesses to provide valuable work experience opportunities and group visits.  Helping them gain insights into work life, as well as grow in confidence and make educated choices about their personal career paths.

One option that many students overlook or aren’t made aware of are apprenticeships. Not only do apprenticeships provide valuable on-the-job training and experience, but they can also lead to degrees without the burden of student debt. As a recruiter, I see many university graduates who lack work experience during their studies, making it difficult for them to find employment after graduation.

By providing work experience opportunities or group visits, businesses can help students gain exposure to different industries and career paths. This not only benefits the students but also provides a pipeline of skilled workers for businesses.

Through my Enterprise Advisor role, I recently met with a business that is heavily involved in helping T-level students get the careers they want. These students study and spend hours learning about their chosen profession in a real-world business setting. Many of these students go on to secure apprenticeship roles once they finish their studies.  So, what can we all do to help the candidates of the future?


Keep in mind the youth of today is the workforce of tomorrow. As a company, investing in their potential can help unlock a brighter future for everyone. Here are some ways you can invest in the future and help unlock the potential of today's youth.

1. Educational Opportunities
Education is key to unlocking the potential of today's youth. As a company, you can invest in educational opportunities that help young people develop new skills and knowledge. This could include scholarships, internships, and training programs.

By providing these opportunities, you not only empower young people to reach their full potential but also invest in the future of our workforce. By creating a pipeline of skilled workers who are passionate about what they do, you can ensure that your company remains competitive and relevant.

2. Mentorship Programs
Mentorship programs are another way to invest in the future of today's youth. By pairing young people with experienced professionals within your organisation or industry, can provide students with guidance and support as they navigate their careers.

Mentorship programs can also help bridge gaps between generations and promote diversity within your workforce. By fostering relationships between different age groups and backgrounds, you create a more inclusive workplace that benefits everyone.


3. Community Outreach
Investing in the future also means investing in our communities. As a company, you can support local schools and organisations that work with young people to provide them with resources and opportunities they may not have otherwise had access to.

This could include sponsoring after-school programs or volunteering at local schools or community centres. By engaging with young people in our communities, we show them that we care about their futures and are invested in helping them succeed.


In conclusion, taking advantage of work experience opportunities, inviting a group of students into your workplace or offering apprenticeships can unlock potential for both students and businesses. If you're interested in learning more about how your business can benefit from a work experience student please don't hesitate to reach out.

Remember, the youth of today is the workforce of tomorrow, so let's invest in their potential and help them unlock a brighter future.

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